Seed Museum

You can make an impressive and interesting collection of seeds you have gathered from fruit and vegetables in your kitchen, from plants in your garden and from nature around your house. Even common seed casings make interesting treasures when they're cleaned and dried, like peach pits, poppy pods, milkweed casings and bean seeds. Follow the directions below to make a showcase to exhibit your collection.

Here's What You'll Need:Pencil, scissors, ruler, pen, glue stick, cotton wool or clean sand, construction paper for labels and partitions, bristol board or thick cardboard and six empty kitchen matchboxes or other boxes the same size, such as cut down milk cartons (the small ones), or jewelry boxes.

Here's How to Make Your Showcase:

  1. Glue three of the boxes together, side by side, in a row. Glue the other three together the same way.
  2. Now, glue the two rows together. You can stick in partitions made from construction paper to make twelve seed compartments.
  3. Cut a piece of bristol board a little bigger than your seed case and glue the case onto it.
  4. Put a thin layer of cotton wool or your clean sand in each compartment, and cut little labels from your construction paper so you can identify your seeds.