Save Our Earth Garden

You can put what you've learned at home and in school about the three R's (recycle, reduce, re-use) and other measures helpful to the environment to work by having a completely organic garden. Here's a few ideas to keep your garden GREEN! This is a good method of gardening at school, if your school has its own garden. (If your school doesn't have a garden now, maybe it's time to start!)

Here's What To Do:

  1. Pull your weeds by hand, and pick out your pests by hand.
  2. Fertilize with compost, not chemicals.
  3. Learn about companion planting. Companion planting is planting things that keep pests away from crop plants. For example, you can plant nasturtiums next to your broccoli to keep the aphids out, and marigolds keep many different pests away. Sage planted next to your cabbage will keep the white cabbage moth away, and the list goes on. Sometimes plants help each other in other ways besides keeping bugs away: they can make each other taste and grow better! Just like good friends bringing out the best in each other!
  4. Keep a shallow water dish in your garden for toads, because they'll eat a ton of bugs.
  5. To keep slugs out, you can spread wood ashes around your plants or make bait traps for them with shallow pans of sugar, water and yeast. (Don't forget to check and clean your traps, though!)
  6. Conserve water by mulching your plants with a thick layer of compost or other organic matter.