?> From Pit to Plant with Pineapple

From Pit To Plant With Pineapple

Before your fruit and vegetable scraps go to the compost bin, grab the tops, seeds and pits! You can make a wonderful collection of house plants from the very foods we eat at home! Here is another food scrap project for you to try at home or school.

Handsome Pineapple Plant
It's a nice treat to each pineapple - its such an interesting looking fruit! Grab the top of the pineapple, because you can grow yourself a really exotic looking plant (although sometimes the pineapple tuft just won't take root and you have to try with a new top).

Here's What You'll Need

A fresh pineapple from the grocery store, a sharp knife (and a grown up's help if you're too little to use sharp things), good potting mix, and a six inch plant pot.

Here's What to Do:

  1. Take your pineapple top and trim away the flesh until you reach the hard stringy part in the centre. Leave this to dry for a few days to prevent rotting.
  2. Remove the bottom leaves and plant the pineapple top in moist potting mix. Keep your pineapple in a bright, warm place (never cooler than 18 degrees Celsius, even at night).
  3. Keep the soil moist but not wet. With a little luck, your top will sprout roots and grow into an attractive house plant.

Pineapples are members of a big plant family called bromeliads. In nature, bromelaids usually grow on trees or logs and get most of the water they need from the air. For this reason, misting your pineapple plant regularly and keeping the soil barely moist is the best way to keep it healthy and feeling right at home.