Flowery Name

Everyone will know where your flowers are growing if you plant them to spell your name! There are some nice annual flower seeds or transplants you can buy that will do a great job giving you a flowery name. (When we say annual flowers, we mean flowers that only grow for one summer. We plant them in spring, and then pull them up in fall, after they die.) Some good choices are Ageratum, Alyssum, Dusty Miller, Compact Lobelia, and Extra Dwarf Marigold.Here's What You'll Need:

A patch of garden with soil that's good for growing flowers. A grown-up will help show you what to add to the soil to make it healthy for plants. Usually, we add compost, peat moss, black earth, composted manure and other organic materials that make the soil nutritious for plants. (When we say organic, we mean materials that are natural: things that came from nature, not from a factory!) You'll need sturdy gardening tools, like a trowel and a hand-sized cultivator, a stick to trace out your name in the flower bed, and some seeds or transplants for two different low growing flowering plants. Your best choice might be transplants from the garden centre, because they will give you an instant garden, and they don't cost too much.

Here's What to Do:

  1. Prepare the flower bed. As we said, you might want to get some help from a grown-up for this part of your project. Smooth the surface of the soil nice and flat, and take out any sticks and stones that might be in the way.
  2. Print out your name nice and big across the whole area you've meant for your flowery name.
  3. Plant the taller of your two plant types all along your name, making sure you leave eight to ten centimeters between each plant, because they need lots of room to grow.
  4. Fill in the space around your name with the shorter of your two plants, again leaving lots of space between each plant so they won't be overcrowded.

Now you show off your masterpiece! During the summer, be sure to pull all the weeds you find in your flowery name, and if it doesn't rain enough, water your flowers to keep them strong. The best way to water gardens is to give them a very good soaking once every three or four days we don't have rain.