Kid Size Water Garden

In Egypt, paintings inside pyramids show water gardens that date back to 1400 BC. Today, people still like to have ponds in their gardens filled with aquatic plants. Aquatic just means plants that live in water. You can make your own water garden in miniature for indoors. It's easy!Here's What You'll Need:
A bowl about 25 or 30 cm deep (goldfish bowls make great aquatic gardens); potting mix; clean gravel or pebbles and aquatic plants.

Here's What To Do:

  1. In your bowl, plant the aquatic plants in about 8 cm of potting mix, then cover with a layer of pebbles. You can add a bit of charcoal, if you like. This will help keep the water fresh.
  2. Cover the plants shallowly at first, then increase the depth of the water as they grow.
  3. Place your bowl in a sunny location, and change the water from time to time, just like you would for a goldfish, by gently scooping out the old water, and gently pouring in the new water. This will help imitate what happens at a pond, where there is always a source of fresh water coming in.

Some good plants to buy for your indoor water garden are miniature water lilies, floating water hyacinth, fairy moss and frogbit. Many gardens stores sell aquatic plants because lots of gardeners like to have ponds.