Growing Monster Vegetables

Have you ever heard of a Nova Scotian named Howard Dill? He's pretty famous with people who have fun growing giant pumpkins and other vegetables, because he's the farmer who got the craze started here in Nova Scotia with his legendary giant pumpkin back in 1979.There are agricultural exhibitions, and usually, you'll see a contest for the biggest pumpkin, squash, etc. like the Giant Pumpkin Weight Off in Windsor, Nova Scotia. It might be fun to have a Monster Vegetable Show in your school. Students can take whatever monster-size vegetable they've grown over the summer for display at school in the fall. After the show is over, you can turn the pumpkins, squash and other vegetables into an awesome, king size autumn display for your school!

Here's some information about growing giant vegetables:

  1. Plant seeds or transplants sold especially for growing giant vegetables.
  2. Grow your plant in the best garden soil you can make, using lots of organic stuff life compost and manure, and make sure your plant will have lots of sunshine and shelter from the wind.
  3. Pollinate your female flowers by brushing the male flowers against them. You'll know it's a female if you see a tiny little pumpkin behind the petals.
  4. Keep the soil mulched with compost or straw to help it stay moist and warm, and water your plants well in dry spells.
  5. Pick off other flowers and fruits when you future giant is about 10 cm in diameter so all the energy will go into the one pumpkin (or melon, or squash, etc.)

Some Good Choices for Monster Vegetables:
Pumpkin, parsnip, zucchini, tomatoes, watermelons, and peppers

May the biggest vegetable win!