Feeding The Birds

Feeding the birds in winter helps them to survive at a time of year when food is hard to find. Once you start, be sure you don't stop! Birds will come to depend on your kindness by keeping the feeder full all year long. Here are a few really neat treats you can make.

Here's What You'll Need:
60 grams of lard, mixed nuts, rolled oats, birdseed for wild birds, bread crumbs, yogurt container, cooked rice, leftover cooked vegetables, grated cheese, a big pine cone (you can buy these at craft stores or find one outdoors), a small twig, string, peanuts in the shell, scissors, a mixing bowl, wooden spoon, small saucepan and a darning needle.

Bird Pudding

  1. Mix together the nuts, oats, bread crumbs, vegetables, rice and cheese in your mixing bowl. Ask a grown up to melt the lard for you, and pour it over your mixture.
  2. Now stir everything together until it's really well mixed. Use you wooden spoon for this.
  3. Spoon mixture into yogurt container and push twig into the middle. Let pudding set hard.
  4. Once the pudding is set, gently ease it out of the container, and roll the pudding in bird seed. Tie a piece of string to the twig. Now you have a pudding bell to tie out for the birds.

Pine Cone Feeder

Push bird pudding into the cracks between the open scales of a big pine cone, then hang it from a string. It's fun to watch the birds sway back and forth as they feed. You can also fill a fine-mesh fruit or vegetable bag with bird pudding and nuts and hang that for your feathery friends, and if your Mom uses fresh coconuts, get her to save a half shell for you. You can fill this with pudding and hang it upside down (don't worry - the pudding will stick). It's neat to watch the small little birds figure out how to get the pudding and they love the coconut scraps too!

Peanut Kebab

Make holes in peanut shells and other large nuts with the darning needle. Please get a grown up to help you with this if you're too little to use sharp things. Knot one end of a string, and thread the nuts like a beaded necklace. The birds will work hard to break open those nuts as they balance on your nutty necklace!