Off The Top Carrot Basket

Before your fruit and vegetable scraps go to the compost bin, grab the tops, seeds and pits! You can make a wonderful collection of house plants from the very foods we eat at home! Here is one more food scrap plant project for you to try at home or school.

Carrot Hanging Basket

Here's What You'll Need:

The biggest carrot you can find, a sharp knife (with a grown-up's help if you're too little for sharp things), and some string or cord.

Here's What to Do:

  1. Cut your carrot at about six centimeters from the top, then carve the centre out. If you're little, a grown-up will help with this.
  2. Bore holes in the carrot to attach the string for hanging, or you can hang it like a plant in a macrame holder. You can do this by tying four pieces of string together, and nestling the carrot where the strings join. Make sure your strings are long enough to let the carrot hang near a sunny place. You can decorate the strings with beads to make your hanger prettier.
  3. Fill in the hole you've carved out with potting mix, and plant a few seeds that are easy to grow, like cress, parsley or other annual herbs. (When we say annual, we mean a plant that grows for just one season).

Keep the soil in your carrot basket nice and moist as the seedlings grow. Not only will plants be growing from inside the carrot, but the carrot top itself will begin to grow to surround the basket. What an interesting plant for your kitchen!